day 365 - the victorious final day!

to commemorate my crazy project i decided a tattoo would be a fitting final day.  i was hesitating since if i had someone else do the tattoo, i wouldn't have truly made it myself.  then a friend of a friend said she'd show me how, and i was able to do it myself!  because this journey was so near and dear to my heart :), it is a happy and perfect reminder of what i accomplished, and what i am capable of when i set my mind to an idea.  i hope you've enjoyed the ride, too.
the guidelines

i'm ready!

kristin stretches the skin tight

i'm actually doing it!

it hurts but not too much

getting there....

after letting kristin put the final touches on since my hand is beginning to shake, i have my permanent daily heART!


day 364

i felt like creating a little piece of art, since i am almost done with my project.  i made a collage from fabric, a snip of an old book, ribbon, some findings, and colorful paper.  the gaudy little frame seemed just right


day 363

it actually took 3 of us to pull this off - a pair of hands, someone to arrange the string, and someone to take the picture!


day 362

trying to bend the tines of a vintage fork just gave me blisters, so i resorted to heating the tines of a plastic fork over a candle - i got my heart, and much happier hands


day 359

this was tricky!  these are water droplets floating in oil.  i first tried oil in water, which didn't work as well. 


day 358

this is what happens to skittles when you microwave them.  if you then stir them a bit and let them cool, it looks like stained glass!


day 357

the best way to eat a bagel: toasted with cream cheese and brown sugar, heart shape optional


day 356

not as pretty as i'd hoped, but i made a little inlet leading to a heart-shaped pool for the cream to flow into in the chocolate fondue


day 355

the seafood counter person was a little mystified when i ordered just one oyster, but the string of pearls needed just the right setting!  (i also had to learn how to shuck an oyster - ew)


day 353

this was a very fun experiment making spun sugar.  i'm not much in the kitchen, but it worked!


day 352

a blast from the past...does anyone not know what playdough smells like?


day 351

i had been eyeballing this toy in Ikea for a day when i was really stuck - today was the day!