day 287

for this one i drew a heart, cut long strips away from it, cut a hole in the center, then tucked the ends of the strips inside, creating a pillow



day 284

this is highly appropriate since it reflects how i feel about my red wine


day 281

the same day i got home from a month in Michigan, the front page of the Denver Post Travel section featured charming Leland, MI, which i had visited often during my stay.  definitely a heart-worthy coincidence.


day 280

a million-dollar idea: make toilet paper sections in fun shapes! 


day 279

wadded foil made cuter than it really is on a pile of silverware


day 278

my family shares a love of reading, so this one made a lot of sense!


day 277

art for the cottage porch - painted sticks wired together and hung with electrical wire


day 274

this was so fun!  i first set my camera to take a long exposure, then, after i lit two sparklers, my friend hollered when she clicked the shutter, and i slowly traced a heart in the air.  the first few shots were either just the beginnings or the ends of a heart, but after a few tries, we got this one!


day 273

getting in touch with my prehistoric side, drawing with the charcoal of a burned stick


day 271

never knew Q-tips could be vintage, but my discovery of these, made with wood sticks, certainly confirmed it


day 270

i had to steel myself against the possibility of a spider encounter as i wove this string through the slats of the dock....they must have been on vacation, too, whew



day 267

a paper straw, neglected for decades in a drawer, gets a new look with the help of a few snips and one bend


day 266

the dixie cup takes on a new shape without too much resistance


day 265

if it were up to me, avocados would grow in a heart shape....bring on the guacamole...


day 264

could have been a rare oak leaf but really i'm just up to my old tricks



day 258

a huge, heavy chain found in the tool bench (finally put to good use!)