day 255

i had fun sewing on the old screen door of the empty cabin next door, and loved it when i realized the red matched the tiny spot of paint next to the handle



day 253

a very small but quite labor-intensive quilled heart, using strips of paper from magazines


day 252

possibly my favorite of all....i was discouraged this day, feeling hopelessly uncreative.  i was moping outside reading the Hunger Games when my watch face caught the sunlight and i began playing with the circular reflection on my book.  as it crossed the center, the circle became a perfect heart.  now i had to jump up for my camera and recreate the whole thing, turning my book upside down, and ultimately turning the whole photo upside down to get a right-side-up heart.  a gift from God that day, just when i needed it, and my spirits were quite renewed!


day 250

thanks to this vintage spool of thread, this heart is cuter than it might have been


day 248

a milkweed pod, split down the side.  the top picture is right after I cut it open, and the bottom picture is how it looked after 3 days when the seeds dried out and started floating away



day 246

ah!  the best bread and butter ever at a favorite ann arbor, michigan restaurant


day 245

a friend taught me how to make these little paper links, and i managed to create a heart-shaped chain of them


day 244

on the road...a late night visit to the breakfast buffet at a hotel provided the salt and pepper to make today's heart!



day 241

a quarter-sized drop of paint, with a white paint carefully dropped inside


day 240

a fun experiment cutting and folding paper, using tabs and slits to stand it up and hold it all in place


day 238

11:45 p.m. and no heart!  my husband brought me all of his ties and i arranged them so the ends formed a negative space heart - in the nick of time


day 235

just a funny first attempt acrylic painting -    but i sort of like it!




day 229

i sacrificed a perfectly good pillow case to get this stain made from bleach!


day 227

a little manipulation of a water droplet - i love how this one turned out