day 195

a collection of faced plastic flowers found blowing around an old cemetery near Mendocino, CA


day 194

on vacation and what to do?  weave my napkin through the tabletop during lunch!  done!



day 192

let there be heart-shaped light by putting black paper behind the lamp shade


day 191

i'm on an industrious streak....using a stepping stone languishing in my garage, i made a mosaic using broken dishes and some beautiful pottery pieces i found on a trip to new zealand years ago.  it took all day, but i made it happen by midnight!


day 190

millie's ears.  well, just the extra fur i cut off the bottoms


day 189

one of my faves - i spent a lot of time visualizing how to make this - i cut away a box so one corner was left then pierced the sides in the shape of the top half of a heart.  i wedged a washer into a slit in the bottom to anchor thread which I sewed through the holes.  ta da!


day 188

i invented this heart by draping a chain over 2 bottles then adding a crystal to weigh down the center, and another to create the point at the bottom (i also had to empty my china cabinet!)


day 185

A cluster of wildflowers on Trail Ridge Road which I helped into a heart


day 184

mica flakes found hiking around Colorado's Winter Park Mountain


day 182

i used black chalk to beautify (or, heARTify) this patch job on the road


day 181

grass clippings.  just grass clippings, but cuter grass clippings after i came along.


day 180

Lego Man balances on top of his Lego heart inside the fridge


day 179

my strange feat of engineering....this is one continuous loop of twine - the weight of the stone pulls the top down then pulls the bottom into a point while the tape just anchors it all


day 178

 i whipped this one up just before bed with dry spaghetti sticks and paper circles stuck into a pot of flowers in staggered rows  - took 2 quick photos intending to re-photograph the next day.  by morning the spaghetti had absorbed the water from the flower pot and they had all keeled over :)



day 176

this is the root ball of one of those hyponic lettuce heads (which I guess means a lettuce head with the roots still on)


day 175

macadamia nuts should be allowed to grow in a heart shape, as far as i'm concerned!


day 174

i used glass etching compound to make this heart on an old bottle




day 168

cut duct tape heart
stick on daughter's un-sunscreened tummy
add sun
add more sun
peel off duct tape heart


day 167

in honor of my family's June tradition of picking pounds (andpoundsandpounds) of strawberries and making jars (andjarsandjars) of the sweetest, lovliest jam in the world


day 166

a long piece of receipt paper, curled around and folded onto itself