day 225

loved this one!  i had been thinking of this for a long time and it finally came to be.  it was a happy surprise that my daughter (right) and her friend have hair exactly the same length!  i love the straight vs. curly!


day 224

ok, so the bruise was just a start, but with a little eye shadow  you would swear it really was heart-shaped!


day 223

it was a "what am i going to do?!" night .... and, predictably, the inspiration was there


day 221

i don't know why there are random "v"s cut into our curbs, but they do make a nice start to a heart


day 220

     confession:  i do love my occasional     Meal of Happiness.  french fry love.


day 219

     Pizza trying to be a heart.  It's a stretch (but it was tasty).


day 218

after spotting a promising-looking bush outside a local restaurant, I crept over on an early sunday morning with my clippers - my daughter as an accomplice - and (feeling quite the mischief-maker) with a few snips transformed it ....... i hope diners are pleasantly surprised



day 215

this only took a few minutes but this banana started aging almost instantly.  not one for saving.


day 214

this one quickly threatened to burn out of control...lucky it even resembles a heart!


day 213

the sweet Shelley poem we printed on the program for our wedding ceremony 25 years ago, recreated on this vintage typewriter


day 211

tiny antique ivory dice and favorite family board game, Pollyanna


day 209

I folded white paper, made very thin cut-outs, and backed it with orange paper


day 207

after fiddling with a toilet paper tube i had sitting around, i decided it would look most fun doing its intended job.  i wrenched the tube out of a fresh roll and re-inserted the heart-shaped tube.....t.p. at its funnest!


day 206

I carved a round piece of soapstone, which took a bit of effort!


day 205

playing with paper at Pour La France........... et voilĂ !


day 204

the sun was shining through a patio chair onto a  post and I thought it was cool so i quick cut out a paper heart and taped it to the chair to make a heart shadow before the sun changed (bonus: a fantastic demonstration of a run-on sentence)


day 203

happiness is a heart-shaped foil thingy with little colored ball thingies in it


day 201

I hacked away at our fence post with a saw and chisel to make this permanent heart


day 200!

dear dead fly in my window, if i trim off your wayward legs you become a heart for today!  yes, i will pin you down and make a specimen of you and call you the latin translation for  "heart fly".  happy day 200.


day 198

i collected these dandelion puffs blowing around the parking garage at the airport in Denver, thinking future heart thoughts.  somehow they take on a blue tinge against the black paper


day 197

i wrenched these big pine cones off a discarded branch by the side of the road, and they fit together perfectly <3