day 255

i had fun sewing on the old screen door of the empty cabin next door, and loved it when i realized the red matched the tiny spot of paint next to the handle


  1. Have you ever thought about making and selling notecards ..... a set of 10 or 12 with some of your favorites (like, I hope, this one!) on the front? Some of these are worth sharing with a wider audience than your blog followers; some are worth preserving in print and I think you might have a market.

  2. Thank you, Miss Alice! Yes, I have thought of this, and many other outlets for my hearts. The issue for me is logistics (how do I go about it, who prints them, who sells them, etc. etc.) and that trips me up. I am thinking about an Etsy shop starting with prints and collages and going from there. I would ultimately LOVE to publish a book.... :)